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Wetland News DigestThe first edition of Wetland News Digest (formerly called Wetland Breaking News) was published in 1996, with Jennifer Brady-Connor at the helm as staff editor of the publication. To put it into perspective, in the same year Ebay was launched, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got divorced, and Nintendo 64 was released. Even more telling – it was only three years earlier in 1993 that the world wide web became publicly available. A lot has changed over the last 27 years – most people consume their news online via social media and news stories seem to lose much of their relevance after a day or two. Although NAWM has kept up with advances in technology, Wetland News Digest (WND) lost its utility in our fast-paced world and NAWM ceased publication of WND in August 2023.

However, NAWM continues to share weekly news stories via our weekly membership email called Insider’s Edition. This ensures that our members receive timely updates on important changes in wetland science and policy. We will also continue to send out our monthly Note to States and Tribes to any state or Tribal government employee, regardless of membership status. And our members still receive in-depth articles and updates in their bimonthly edition of Wetland News.

NAWM memberships are a great way for anyone to stay abreast of current events from around the nation. If you haven’t explored the many benefits of membership with NAWM yet, I encourage you to take a look – our prices are very reasonable and considered low by industry standards. We keep them low intentionally to make membership accessible for as many wetlanders as possible.

WND has had a great run, and we thank each and every one of you for your interest and support for the publication over the many years of its existence!

Current and Last Issue [August 2023] 

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"WETLAND NEWS DIGEST" Compiled by Marla Stelk, Executive Director, NAWM and Justin Farino, Administrative Assistant, NAWM; Edited by Marla Stelk, Executive Director; Assistant Editors: Laura Burchill, Office Manager, NAWM and Sharon Weaver, Webmaster, NAWM. 

EDITORIAL POLICY: The editor reserves all rights to decide what should be included in this publication. Publication in Wetland News Digest (WND) does not indicate endorsement or accuracy of any article or book included, sold or mentioned. It is up to the reader to make that determination. All copyrighted material is rewritten or excerpted to pass the fair use law or permission has been given for NAWM to use. Since the editor can't guarantee the accuracy of the articles, NAWM is not liable for anything said in an article. Documented corrections of an item included in WND will be considered for posting as a "Letter to the Editor." To find an article previously published in WND just search the Archives on the website.