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The potential for multiple impacts (temporary, long-term and cumulative) from pipeline development projects necessitates extensive inter-agency and inter-sector coordination and the integration of best practices in the planning, administration, review and conditioning of permits.

NAWM has developed a range of tools and resources to build the capacity of state and tribal wetland programs to protect aquatic resources impacted by energy development through more informed and effective engagement in both the pre-application and §401 Certification phases of the permitting process.   


Project Contributors:
NAWM’s resources have been designed in collaboration with partners and a national project workgroup to help states and tribes improve the planning and review processes associated with permitting natural gas and oil pipelines in the United States.

Project Funding: Funding for the development of these resources was provided by an EPA Wetland Program Development Grant, a Network Innovation Grant from the Richard and Patricia Switzer Foundation and the McKnight Foundation, as well as in-kind partner contributions.