Improving Oil and Gas Pipeline Permitting

States and tribes work with energy companies and their consultant intermediaries to permit oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance projects. This page provides a number of tools and resources that may be useful for pipeline permit applicants and consultants as they work through the permit application process with state and tribal regulators, specifically on Clean Water Act §401 water quality certification.

To address the growing need for states and tribes to build their permitting capacity, NAWM has developed the following resources that may be of interest to oil and gas pipeline project applicants and those who assist them. This page provides information that may help you:

For more information about NAWM’s project, view NAWM’s Pipeline Permitting Project Factsheet and Project Summary Report

Build shared understanding and improve communications with state and tribal regulators – good relationships can lead to more effective and efficient permitting 

Learn about state and tribal §401 water quality processes and process maps

Explore pipeline permitting best practices being used by states/tribes

Consider cumulative impacts during planning and application development phases

Understand common issues and challenges to effective state and tribal pipeline permitting

  • Understand common issues and challenges to effective and efficient pipeline permitting at the state level by reviewing the following list of common issues and challenges and challenges and matrix of barriers and solutions to gather more information to support your capacity-building work.
  • Encourage regulators to participate in the pre-application phase of your pipeline project planning as early and often as possible. Regulator engagement during the planning phase of pipeline development process can be invaluable in guiding decision making, encouraging use of best practices and avoiding delays in §401 certification.
  • Better understand ways that states and tribes may be working to improve pipeline permitting efforts by reviewing NAWM's Policy Brief

Encourage regular, ongoing training for company staff and consultants

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 Improving State and Tribal Permitting of Pipeline Projects in the United States 

Resources for States and Tribes 

Useful External Resources for Oil and Gas Pipeline Permitting